Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy: Megalixir Grinding

Please turn on annotations to see a visual guide while watching.

How to easily farm Megalixir and trade accessories that require them. ­­

Main Character Setup:

  • Weapon:
    • Sexy Cologne
  • Arm:
    • Member's Card
  • Head:
    • Blond Wig
  • Body:
    • Silk Dress
  • Set Bonus:
    • Allure of Honey 
      • Battlegen Rate+50%
      • Drop Rate+50%)
  • Basic Accessories
    • Sunrise
  • Special Accessories
    • Lucky Charm
    • Rabbit's Foot
    • Fake Mustache
    • Dangerously Lucky
  • Trade Accessories
    • Anything with LUK+4
    • Anything with LUK+4
    • Anything with LUK+4
    • Anything with LUK+4
    • Anything with LUK+4
   Adjust Level:
  • Lv.100 
    • For maximum LUK stat.
Dummy Character Setup:

  • Remove all except for one HP Attack
    • Preferably the slowest HP Attack like ExDeath's Maelstrom or Emperor's Starfall.
  • Special Accessories
    • Training Ring
      • So your dummy can't kill you and would be easier to BRV Break.
  • Trade Accessories
    • Guiding Light
    • Wheel of Darkness
    • The Youth's Dream
    • Lust for Power
    • Onion
    • Roaming Clouds
    • Twin Form
    • Lone Heart
    • Splendor of the Wind
      • Basically any accessory that requires Megalixir to create.
  • None
    • So the enemy can't interrupt you.
Original Rule Setup:
  • EX Force Absorption: 
    • Maximum
  • Everything else: 
    • Minimum

   If you want to Battlegen those accessories:
  • Do the following to receive Battlegen:
    • Wallrush
    • BRV Break
    • HP Attack
    • EX Burst
  • Finish the enemy.
  • Receive Megalixir as component drop.
   If you want Megalixir only:
  • Change your accessory:
    • Sunrise Force to Courage
  • Initiate a Chase Attack.
  • Press to chase the enemy.
  • Receive a lot of BRV.
  • Press to do an HP Attack.
  • Inflict 9999 HP damage.
  • Finish the enemy.
  • Receive multiple copies of Megalixir as component drops.
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Mist said...

If I want Hi-Elixirs only, exchange "sunrise" with "force to courage" then do the rest and I'm gonna receive megalixirs? is this a typo for Hi-elixirs?

Lord Phrozen said...

Yeah, it's a typo. This guide is for Megalixirs so there should be nothing about Hi-Elixirs here. Funny that this guide has been up for so long and that typo was only reported now. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The battlegen page(Before u enter battle)doesn't show the battlegen that I want to get. What did I miss?

Lord Phrozen said...

What items are you trying to battlegen?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't work for me. I did everything like in your video but I can't farm megalixir. The only things that I can farm is the commun stuff like red gem, desire, hope, dream and ghost.

Lord Phrozen said...

Did you properly set-up your character at the Friend Card Settings? Let's say that you equipped Cloud with Megalixir-items using Set D, you should also use Set D at the Friend Card Settings. Sorry, but this is the only common mistake I can think of right now.

Anonymous said...

No, I put the right set but I think that it's because I didn't boost the friands reward to lvl 10 in the PP shop. If that's not the reason I don't understand because I did everything like in the video exept that the behavor is different, me it's "cautious".

Lord Phrozen said...

It's been a while since I last played this game, but as far as I remember Friend Reward doesn't affect drop rates so it must be something else. Sorry if I can't help you enough as I can't pin point the problem exactly.

If you are using the US version of the game, can you share your Friend Card (Dummy Character) data so I can check the problem?

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I am french ^^ so I suppose that I use the french version.

Anonymous said...

when editing the rule, do you have to equip the accessories from there? If so, i don't see the ones with megalixirs available. y?

Anonymous said...

can u just upload the friend card =="

Anonymous said...

2:31 Is that Japan DLC BGM you're using but just changed name to work in other regions?

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