Saturday, March 3, 2012

Guilty Crown: Dear... (Ep.18)

After Shu was betrayed by everyone he trusted, he started blaming himself for everything. Inori tries her very best to nurse him back to shape and protect him from his enemies, but all he does is drown in self pity. Can Inori protect her beloved Shu or will she be consumed by the monster inside of her?  

Estuan interus ira vehementi, Sephiroth!
A stealth bomber arrives to drop warheads on their location and destroy everything in sight. The pathetic elite force that betrayed Shu asked Gai for help instead. What did he do? He fused their voids together to make a missile that destroyed the bomber. Of course, since the missile void exploded, the three elite force died as well. Hell yeah! Gai might be a total dick but I forgive him for sacrificing those traitors.

Obligatory wheelchair girl screenshot.
After the commotion, Ayase and Tsugumi talked to the dead guy and asked him what happened. He replied by ordering his robots to attack the two girls. Daryl went from tsuntsun to deredere in an instant and protected his black haired loli. Of course, like in all the episodes he appeared in, he lost. But at least his beloved loli managed to escape.

Shu's mom is the hottest MILF ever!
Haruka was feeling guilty for what happened to Shu but also relieved that her son doesn't need to carry the burden of their sins anymore. He might have lost his arm but at least he can go back to living a normal life once again. Normal life without his right arm? Are you fuckin' kidding me!?

Why is this whore still alive!!? For Christ sake, will somebody kill her.
Meanwhile, Arisa became a total slut for Gai and would do everything for him despite him being a total douche to her. He doesn't even reply to her and ignores her completely but she still follows him blindly. Because of this, her grandfather came to bring back the pride their family lost because of her and to dispose the one who bought them shame. Finally, she's going to die for her sins!!

Samurai Gramps: beating guns with his katana since 1969.
Her grandfather is a total badass. He attacked the enemy using his katana even though they were using guns against him. He could've won but hesitated during the last minute on killing his grandchild. In the end, he still loved her even though she's a traitor. Of course, the traitorous bitch didn't hesitate at all in killing her grandpa and shoots him with a handgun at point blank range, direct to the heart. May he rest in the throne of heroes.

I still think she's an angel with bloodstained wings, not a monster.
Inori heard the conversation between Arisa and her grandpa and discovered that Gai's army is looking for her everywhere. She immediately returns to Shu but she was attacked by a bunch of muggers and then she passes out afterwards. She wakes up only to see the muggers all dead on the ground with a sprinkle of blood on her face. Her monstrosity has started to awaken.

King of amputee, do you have enough arms in stock?
While Inori (Mana) was busy killing people outside. Shu was too busy watching YouTube videos of himself and his former friends before they betrayed him. The video ends and he tried pressing the replay button but as he raised his arm, he didn't have one. I know that it's cruel to laugh at this moment, but watching him trying to press the replay button with his stump made me laugh like an idiot. Good luck with that Shu!

Oh, god! Mana, please kill me with your love.
Inori confronts Mana inside of her and embraced the monstrosity inside her body. After understanding her true nature, she meets with Shu for the last time to say farewell. Since the enemy is looking for her, she decided to take them down instead and protect Shu to the very last moment. A true goddess of loyalty indeed. Of course, Shu didn't agree to that plan so she was forced to knock him out and left.

Can Inori even sing any other song aside from "Departures"?
She transforms into her monster form, a battle maiden with crystal swords coming out of her body. She attacks the enemy's base all alone, slicing off giant robots with absolute ease like they were butter. As she closes in on the enemy boss, Gai unleashes a giant bow and shoots an inescapable arrow that binds her whole body with crystal chains, allowing her to be easily captured.

Is that really you, Inori? Hotness increased by 150%.
Shu wakes up a few moments later only to see that Inori is no longer with him. It's time to man the fuck up, Shu! Get yourself together and try saving the princess for once! Crystal arm is imminent on the next episode.

Next Episode:
Phase 19: Rebirth

Yeah, right! Like hell you can do anything with your left hand.


Anonymous said...

Dat assnnnnngggngnhnhngng

Cranky and Difficult said...

Shu's Mom IS hot

Unknown said...

Oh, oh wow.

I keep hearing about you and your blog, Lord Phrozen. You do NOT dissapoint~!!!

Oh worthy and wondrous Lordling, thou hath lived up to thine reputation and hath dispensed with many rib-ticklers and wonderful pictures of animated derriere's~!


confictushome said...

surprised me at work with neked anime there bub. Gotta give a brother some warning.

Fang said...

Shower scene? Witty comment goes here.

Anonymous said...

dat ass

neatfit said...

...Wheelchair girl. I mean, come on, does she really make anyone feel sorry when there are SUCH girls RUNNING around bouncing their best parts?

R said...

Nice post!

Shaw said...

She's look too young to be a milf..

Pat Hatt said...

Wow that was awesome, great way of summing up the episode and giving plenty of nice visuals too!

Adam said...

Shu's mom could show me proper hygiene skills

The Angry Lurker said...

Love me some naked anime.....

Bart said...

dat ass ;,,; also i didnt even notice how she was holding that shotgun till u said someting

G said...

mmmm best shower anime I've seen in a while

Anonymous said...

All chicks look too young to be mothers in Anime.

natchu96 said...

well, she wasn't singing Departures this episode, surprisingly, so I guess she can sing other songs, too.

Lord Phrozen said...

Oh, yeah. I meant to say Euterpe not Departures. She always sing that song all the time. said...

booooooooooooobss and asssssssssss lol

Shockgrubz said...

Love the MultiGrain CIrnos designs! You're talented beyond comprehension. Great review, man!

DWei said...

They're all screwed, simple as that. Everyone is going to die. :D

Gryt said...

Every decent anime has at least one old man who wins a gunfight with a sword.

Baur said...

Looks like an awesome episode!

natchu96 said...

@Lord Phrozen

Well, yeah, she sings that song all the time for some reason. This time, though, the lyrics totally fit.

Bersercules said...

Damn! She killed her Grampa? I hope he rises for the grave and kills her! (hell I'd settle for the disambodied arm getting posessed and strangling her!)

Great review! I can't wait to find out what happens next!!

and is there lots of shower scenes in this show? I like shower scenes!

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