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Fate/Prototype: Another Holy Grail War

Legendary heroes of the past are summoned to the modern world and once again given flesh to participate in an epic war to get the Holy Grail. An omnipotent artifact capable of granting any wishes whether it be for a pure or corrupted cause.  

Fate/Prototype is based on an unfinished novel that Kinoko Nasu wrote during highschool. It was the basis for the visual novel Fate/Stay Night before they changed the script to reflect on their target audience.While most of the characters are changed in some way, some Servants didn't. They are Berserker, Caster and Assassin. This is probably why they weren't shown in the preview.

The Characters

The Saber-class Servant excels in close-ranged combat and is considered the strongest Servant in every war. This hero is known as the legendary king of Britain and wields the strongest holy sword of all, the Excalibur. This sword was so powerful that each Knight of the Round Table placed a seal on it to prevent the sword from being abused.

The 7th Master participating in the war and also Saber's Master. She lost her father and older sister 8 years ago to the previous Holy Grail War. Because of that she wishes to escape her fate and doesn't want to participate in the coming war, but because she have accidentally summoned Saber during the chaos with Lancer, she must now finish what she started. Her command spells are located on her chest.

She practices black magic instead of the more modern form of sorcery which is magecraft. She also have a major inferiority complex because of her older sister who was a great genius when it comes to magecraft.

The Archer-class Servant excels in long-ranged combat and is capable of firing projectiles to attack the enemy. This legendary hero is known as the oldest king ever recorded and the only known hero to have acquired all the treasures in the world. He wields the the golden bow, Enki, which is capable of summoning a great flood that could submerge a whole city in an instant.

The 3rd Master participating in the war and also Archer's Master. Nothing much is known about this person, not even his name. His command spells are obviously located on his face.

The Lancer-class Servant excels in speed and the use of spears which allows him to combat foes in mid-range. This legendary hero is known as the child of light and wields the cursed spear, Gae Bolg. His Master sealed the cursed spear and prevented him from using it, so he uses a wooden spear instead which later broke after an attack from Saber's invisible sword.

The 2nd Master participating in the war and Lancer's Master. She wants to summon a hero who died because of a woman, that way he'll know how scary women really are. Her command spells are located on the back of her neck.

The Rider-class Servant excels in mounted combat. They can ride any vehicle or large animals and is also capable of summoning their own form of transportation. This legendary hero is known for killing the snake monster Medusa. He wields five different artifacts and rides the winged-horse Pegasus. Since his Master died before the war ended, he swore to win the war and get the Holy Grail to revive his master and give him the life he rightfully deserves.

The 5th Master participating in the war and Rider's Master. He didn't last long in the war because of his health condition but used up all his command spells just before dying to give Rider a second chance at life. His command spells are located on his left palm.

The unnumbered Master participating in the war and Berserker's Master. He is a two-faced priest, one moment he's calm and understanding and then all of a sudden he goes batshit insane and starts shouting all over the place! This guy is crazy, I tell you! His command spells are located on his tongue.

She is Ayaka's older sister who supposedly died in the war 8 years ago. She is once again given life by the Holy Grail to participate in the war all over again. She used to be Saber's Master during the previous war but he betrayed her after he discovered that this girl is actually a psychopath who killed her own father and tried to kill her younger sister. Now that she's back, she wishes to once again be reunited with her prince charming, Saber. Her Servant is the embodiment of humanity's sin, the Beast. Her command spells are also located at her chest.


I must say that the character designs are a lot better than FSN, especially since Cuu Chulain is no longer wearing blue tights and looks more like a hunter now. Saber is now actually a male too, which is more accurate to King Arthur's historical record. Oh well, just watch the short clip below to understand what I'm blabbering about:

This video was uploaded by someone else and will probably be taken down after a while because of copyright issues. So I highly suggest that you watch it now before it goes down.


convictus said...

those quotes didn't make very much sense at the beginning of the clip.

Watchful Cat said...

lol that was some funky translating at the beginning, but the video was a nice watch despite me not being familiar with the series.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Wait, so this is a series...? or a movie...?

Fang said...

Hey Phrozen, could you send me the file of the little bubbly frame you put over character mugshots please? :3

tobeonhatnha said...

thanks for this post, man :D

Shaw said...

why does it seem like this brand has a never-ending supply of spin offs?

neatfit said...

Is it just me, am I weird?.. Or... Does this anime seem dull? I'm hoping not, because I seriously need to find something to watch, I just got a new phone, can't stop viewing anime! Hopefully you'll cover a TOP 10 of 2011?

Bart said...

looks pretty cool. where do i start?

Anonymous said...

I like this one.

Anonymous said...

Never seen this, but seems good. :)

Anne said...

The animation is well above par. The switch to black and white when she is having a memory is great. I'm adding this to my favorites on my Youtube channel, so if it gets pulled from your site, I'll still have it. And I can always download it to my computer where it will remain for as long as I like. Thanks for putting this up!

Baur said...

If this is a series that would be awesome!

Lord Phrozen said...

@Watchful Cat
The sentence at the beginning of the show aren't exactly translated. It was already in the video, so I guess it has a bit of Engrish in it.

It's just a preview I'm afraid.

Sure, here you go:

Anonymous said...

Good lord, how many Holy Grails are there? Sorry I don't know jack about Fate series.

natchu96 said...

@ R.gers

The Church in their world is trying to catalogue the ones they find that would fit the definition.

The one that is summoned in the Fuyuki City Holy Grail War is listed as the 726th. They have yet to find the one that actually belong to Christ.

Fang said...

Thanks a bunch man! 8D

Eriberto Soares Cavalcante said...

Man, I really enjoy the Fate series, but there is a huge mistake there. It is said in the beginning of both Saty Night and Zero, that the Holy Grail chooses 7 master once in sixty years. But the war happened with ten years of difference. They should create one in the very creation of the war, when the mages started it.

Lord Phrozen said...

@Eriberto Soares Cavalcante
It's not a mistake. The Holy Grail usually takes 60 years to collect enough energy to start the war. But since Kiritsugu destroyed the Grail during Zero (4th war) the collected energy was never used and it only took 10 years for the next war (5th war) to start again.

Anonymous said...

its an ova, they're not going to make this into a series.

also you guys might recognize lancer's voice, I think he prob voices shizuo from Durarara

saber's voice is the voice of suzaku (code geass)

saber's present master also is pretty famous too

saber's previous master is voiced by the actress of yui hirasawa (k-on!)

comment by drakke125

StriderTuna said...

Honestly, this might have been better Ayaka looks like she's not prone to being a dumbass like Shirou. But yeah the earlier designs are more mundanely accurate compared to later ones.

I do wonder about the other servants though odds are they'll end up jobbing hard.

noiritter said...

Damn. After watching the preview I wished Type-Moon would at least make more OVAs of this, though a spin off anime would be better. Prototype is definitely better than Stay night.

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