Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Let's Cook Omelet Rice (Ep.20) Side A

Omelet rice is a Japanese dish combining fried rice with omelet. Minchi is here to show us how to properly make an omelet rice. Disclaimer warning: The following stunt was performed by trained Japanese school girls, please don't try them at home. ­­

Omelet Rice ~Minchi Version~

● Ingredients

Just some, around 1 tablespoon or so.
Around half a cup of meat. Cut them up into small pieces.
For chicken I suggest dicing the breast part.
For pork I suggest cutting ham into tiny pieces.
Chicken Eggs:
You need eight. Don't even try cow eggs because they never lay eggs.
Cooked Rice:
Four cups of cooked rice will do, unless you want more?
Cooking Oil:
If you think you don't have enough, go buy a bottle.
Green Pepper:
A whole green pepper is a must. Chop them up real good.
A bottle is enough but it's not like we'll use the whole bottle.
Around half an onion will do but be sure to chop it nicely.
Don't like onions? Well, screw you! We'll be putting onions here.
Salt and Pepper:
For seasoning.

Chop the onions into tiny bits but don't make them powder sized.

● Preparation:

Ummm... Those are meat, right?
Heat the cooking oil in the frying pan and saute the meat. If you don't know what the hell saute means, it means something like frying while making the ingredients inside jump around.

Ummm... is that yellow stuff butter? I'm not sure...
You don't need to do something outrageous like flipping the pan around just to make them jump, just stir it while frying and all will be good. Only professional chefs can flip the pan without burning the whole kitchen, so don't you dare try it!

Holy shit! This looks complicated!
If you think the meat is properly cooked now, add in the green pepper, the onions and the butter. Saute them up again then mix properly. Double check if the stove is still on because we need fire to cook.

This dish requires the power of five school girls to cook.
Add in the rice afterwards then mix them all up while frying. If it started to smell good then your are doing it right but if it smelled burnt then you're probably watching the TV again while cooking. Kill the TV and observe the food properly.

OMG! She's putting bloo... Oh wait! It's just ketchup.
Put some ketchup, I don't have any measure but don't put too much. We don't want it to look too saucy, we just want the rice to change into a brownish color. Add a bit of seasoning then divide it and place them into 4 plates afterwards.

Why did the rice become brown instead of red?
Now, time to prepare the egg mixture. Put two eggs in a bowl, add some seasoning then mix it up real good. Remember to put some cooking oil into the frying pan again before pouring in the eggs.

Eggs! I love eggs!
Pour the mixture into the pan then carefully fold the egg by jerking the pan to make an omelet shape. Keep jerking the pan so the egg would rotate and the exterior would be cooked properly while the interior would remain still half-cooked.

Slow and steady, just like a baby.
Carefully place the omelet on top of the rice then slowly cut it in the middle. It should open up elegantly, covering up the whole rice quite nicely.

And now for the finishing touch...
Make another egg omelet until you have four, one on each plate. Add some ketchup and voila! Congratulations, you can now cook like a school girl in love.

The final product of all our hardships.
You now have 4 servings of omelet rice. Enjoy eating them with friends, preferably school girls. However, if you are forever alone, then you'll have to eat them all. Be careful not to break your stomach.


From an anime blog, to a gaming blog, to a music blog, now a cooking blog. I never would have predicted this kind of evolution. There's still an alternate way of cooking this recipe so be sure to check it out tomorrow.


Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

DWei said...

I've had this before except with curry. So good.

Shaw said...

I wish someone would make me omurice...

Gizmo said...

I've never tried this one!

Fang said...

Uhn~, so delicious~

Rawr said...

looks delicious, never tried this

Maybe you. said...

fuck i'm hungry as shit now...

Jetah said...

Haha very nice. You've really decked out this blog.

Hasidic Plumber said...

That omelette looks pretty damned tasty.

Adam said...

My girlfriend would like that omelette

Anonymous said...

I'm so hungry right now!

Anonymous said...

BRB, going to cook mine. (:

Anonymous said...

I want to eat omelet rice with school girls.

Mochileiro said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Good idea to teach cooking in anime.

Funny Pets said...

I like rice

Max Power said...

nicely done, very creative!

To Tipota said...

seems delicious.. especially when it is viewed in anime style.

HooP_OOted said...

I work at a Japanese restaurant. Now, I can impress them with my cuisine knowledge.

Bersercules said...

This animated food is making me hungry!

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