Monday, October 3, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha: Let's Cook Omurice Again! (Ep.20) Side B

Another round of cooking Japanese omelet rice. This time, we'll use the rice cooker to make the fried rice instead of a frying pan. Disclaimer warning: The following stunt was performed by trained Japanese schoolgirls, please don't try them at home. ­­

Omelet Rice ~Ohana & Yuina Version~

● Ingredients

Just some, around 1 tablespoon or so.
Around half a cup of meat. Cut them up into small pieces.
For chicken I suggest dicing the breast part.
For pork I suggest cutting ham into tiny pieces.
Chicken Eggs:
You need eight eggs, not not eight testicles.
Cooked Rice:
Four cups of cooked rice will do, unless you want more?
Cooking Oil:
I hope you still have some because we'll only be using a few.
Green Pepper:
Chop a whole green pepper real good.
I suggest using Heinz tomato ketchup, they are godly.
Around half an onion will do but be sure to chop it nicely.
Shrek said that onions have layers, he didn't lie. It's all true!
Salt and Pepper:
For seasoning.

We have to finely cut the onions but we don't need this much.

● Preparation:

Set the rice cooker to "cook" and pour some cooking oil and some butter inside. While waiting for the rice cooker to heaten up, pour ketchup into your rice and then mix it all up properly until the rice changes color completely.

Just draw a spiral there and then mix.
When the pot reaches cooking temperature, pour the green peppers, meat and onions inside then stir them up until they are done. Add the rice and stir until everything is mixed properly then close the lid and wait for it to get cooked.

Two eggs is good, three is just too much.
While waiting for the rice to cook, ready the frying pan and pour some cooking oil. Place two eggs in a bowl, add some seasoning then stir it with either an egg beater, a fork, a chopstick, or whatever tool you are comfortable with.

Rice cooker makes cooking so easy.
When the rice is done, pour the egg mixture into the frying pan and make a round shape. We'll use this thin layer of omelet to wrap our rice.

Now comes the eggs!
Place a quarter of the rice into the omelet then fold it so the rice would be neatly wrapped like a burrito except that there's no opening at the side.

Tuck the rice in, nice and fit.
Carefully place it on a plate then make another omelet for the rest of the rice. After you have four dishes ready, prepare for the finishing touches.

Looks good but we're not done yet!.
This is where it gets a bit tricky. Use ketchup to write a message on top of the omelet so you could convey your feelings to the person eating it.

This is just a small amount of love.
About this much love is enough for friends and relatives. If you are a guy who served this to another guy, you might as well write a small "no homo" below or it may get a bit awkward between the two of you.

This is a medium amount of love.
This much love is for your dearest of friends and maybe your crush. Again, if you are a guy who served this to another guy, you might as well write "no homo" below or he may start evading you.

Large amount of love, no questions asked.
This much love means that you really love the person and would like to bare his children. However, if you are a guy serving this to another guy, you MUST write "NO HOMO" in ALLCAPS below it or he might punch you in the face.

Regular ketchup VS Classy ketchup.
There are many kinds of ketchup out there like Hunts and Del Monte but I really recommend using Heinz because it is the ultimate ketchup when it comes to omelets.


I can't believe that I'm having so much fun writing this anime cooking article. I would want to try it again sometime but I highly doubt that I'll find another show which clearly shows the procedure accurately.


Anonymous said...

Great post!
I love your blog and your writing style.

Anonymous said...

hehehe...I love this post.

no homo...or actually, you know...a little homo...if that's cool

Natural One said...

Sounds delicious

Mai Yang said...

hahaha! okay..look so inlove. hahaha

Fang said...

Can't eat food without the LOVU LOVU ♥

Rawr said...

looks delicious :D

Mo said...

nice katsup


Anime teaching cooking!

Bob said...

That's pretty cool. They sould do some anime moe cooking show. :)

To Tipota said...

Reminds me of Calzone but with omelete and rice. Sweet.

Maybe you. said...

lol love the concept... nice post.

Anonymous said...

Seems easy.

Anonymous said...

yess i loveee makeup haha!

Shaw said...

I wish I had someone to write "love" on my meal with ketchup...

Anonymous said...

Even drawings cook better than me. D:

Noah Homola said...

Oh my, that looks tasty! Too bad it's animated! Oh well, nice blog.


Gizmo said...

I like how you incorporate drawings with recepies :P

Hasidic Plumber said...

Rice + ketchup? I have to say i've never tried or seen that, but im very tempted to try it.

my day in a sentence said...

Anime cooking recipe? Omg. Awesome. O_o

This deserves a follow! :)

Major.Mack said...

he he, im hungry

Mochileiro said...

ketchup into your rice
ew, NO me gusta.

Max Power said...

wouldn't it be nice to have japanese schoolgirls cooking you omelettes everyday.

DWei said...

Really tempted to write NO HOMO with ketchup on everything I eat now.

Anonymous said...


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