Wednesday, September 7, 2011

God Eater Burst: Wallpaper Gallery (Part 1)

God Eater Burst is a videogame for the Playstation Portable set in a post-apocalyptic world where god-like creatures called "Aragami" are a constant threat to humanity's survival. Here are some of the wallpapers I made: ­­

800x600   |   1024x768   |   1280x960   |   1280x720   |   1600x900
800x600   |   1024x768   |   1280x960   |   1280x720   |   1600x900
800x600   |   1024x768   |   1280x960   |   1280x720   |   1600x900
800x600   |   1024x768   |   1280x960   |   1280x720   |   1600x900
There are still a bunch of wallpapers that I have yet to finish, I'll post them tomorrow upon completion. Also, if you are wondering why I chose these three girls to make wallpapers, it's because they are the usual party members who accompany me on my missions. In my honest opinion, they are the most useful NPCs the game has to offer.
  • Alisa Ilyinichna Omela (Alisa Ilinichina Amiella)
    • Fires shot-type recovery bullets that heals a small amount of HP.
    • Passes Aragami Bullets after a devour which induces Link-Burst.
    • Skills:
      • [B] Firm stand
      • [B] Link-Aid Boost
      • [B] Recovery Bullet
      • Dexterous
  • Chiot (Shio)
    • Attacks aggressively and likes to devour a lot.
    • Passes Aragami Bullets when your Burst or Link-Burst is almost over, extending it further.
    • Skills:
      • Firm Stand
      • Venom Immunity
      • Leak Immunity
      • Stun immunity
      • Bullet Effect ↑
  • Sakuya Tachibana
    • Fires laser-type recovery bullets that heals a medium amount of HP and can pass through the enemy's body. Ensuring that the bullet will hit you no matter what.
    • The best healer in the whole game.
    • Skills:
      • Surgeon
      • Rescue Recovery ↑
      • [B] Recovery Bullet  
There goes my whole party. I'll post the rest of the wallpapers tomorrow. That's it for now.


Anonymous said...

Nice wallpapers!! I really like them. :D

Fang said...

Those are really cool! Some are a bit too busy for real use, but great for collecting anyway!
Also, do you take anime/theme requests?

Tony Storm said...

omg i love god eater, action games are the best

Hasidic Plumber said...

Those ladies are lacking some serious hasidic beard. That would make em tougher.

Astaroth said...

damn, very nice! thanks for sharing those!

Lord Phrozen said...

Depends, what kind of theme are we talking about?

@Hasidic Plumber
Your hasidic comment made me laugh, lol.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen this show but I love the art

Fang said...

@Lord Phrozen
Specific styles, like the black-white-red ones, landscapes, powerlevel hiders (only those who've seen the anime will know it's from an anime), etc.
Or specific anime's, like SPICE AND WOLF <3

Lord Phrozen said...

Are we talking about Blogger themes? I don't know about making one from scratch as the best I could do is edit an already existing theme.

Fang said...

More as in wallpaper theme, actually ;D

Lord Phrozen said...

Oh, desktop themes! I used to make a lot of those back when I was still using Windows XP. I stopped when I upgraded to Windows 7 because I just love the Madobe Nanami theme that comes with the Japanese version of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

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