Friday, September 30, 2011

Chukana Janshi Tenhou Painyan: Basic Guidelines

Since this game was never released outside of Japan, most players will have a bit of trouble figuring out the the menus and how the system works. That's why I wrote this guide to help you out. Don't forget to check the previous post for more information. ­­

● Menu Translations

Mouse over the image to view the original.
Start the game from the beginning. You can choose one of the 5 main characters as your starting partner. This includes; Yayoi, Toshizou Misaki, Abe no Suzune, Tanuko, and Mary Fupe.
While playing the story, the game would ask you to save at the end of the chapter so you could resume your game later if you decided to quit in the middle.
Adjusts the difficulty of the game.
View additional content that you've unlocked from playing the story.
Reeko's Story:
Play the story with Reeko as your starting partner. Can only be unlocked by getting the good ending on all the 5 main characters.
Watch the events after the ending. Unlocked by completing Reeko's Story.

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You are more likely to get the tiles you need.
Luck is unchanged.
The enemy will more likely get the tiles they need.

Mouse over the image to view the original.
Play the musical score of the game.
Unlocked by playing the story. You can start playing at any chapter of the game that you've already cleared at least once.
Play different animated clips that you've unlocked by playing the story.
View the different CGs of the game or play Search Mode.

● Skill Roulette

After winning a round of mahjong, you'll be allowed to play a game of roulette which will grant you a Special Skill depending on the result.

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Mystic Gem:
A glowing gem means that you've already unlocked the skill of the character holding that gem. A normal gem means that one of your party member's skill have yet to be unlocked. A black gem means that you have yet to acquire that gem. Only by unlocking 9 glowing gems will allow you to get the good ending of the game.
Special Skill:
This is the count down to unlock the skill of the shown character (in this case: Reeko). You can get Skill Points everytime you win with a high enough score or by getting a certain combination at the roulette. Once Special Skill hits 0, you'll unlock the character's skill and her gem will then glow.
This number signifies how many times you can use the Special Skills of the party members you've unlocked.
Tenjou Tenge/Tengen Zettou/Gekka Joujin:
Painyan's special skill. Please refer to the previous page for the effects.

● Roulette Combinations

Here are all the possible combinations for the roulette. Remember, getting a bad tile will end the roulette immediately so be sure to get the timing correctly.

Skill Point +1

Support +1

Support +2

Tenjou Tenge +1

Tengen Zettou +1

Gekka Joujin +1

● Search Areas

After defeating a character in a game of mahjong, you'll play a minigame afterwards called "Search Mode". This will allow you to grope the defeated character from one place to another in search of the Mystic Gem you need to defeat the mythical fox. You must first find a few areas you can grope until the Mystic Gem starts to shine and reveals its location. Areas marked with a RED circle are places you must touch first before the final location with the BLUE circle appears.

Mouse over the images below to view the original.

Painyan's Search Mode minigame can only be unlocked by allowing yourself to be defeated by Kyuubi no Kitsune during the final chapter. She will be the one groping you this time and losing your gem will result in a Game Over screen. Worry not, you can still continue your game afterwards.

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I tried to use Javascipt to code the mouse over switching of the images but Blogger keeps deleting the code everytime I go to "Compose" so I'll have to painfully type this post in "Edit HTML."

Also, most of the translation work here weren't actual translations but more like interpretations based on observations of their use and their effects. I prefer to call it guesslations but that's not really a word, at least not yet.


Hasidic Plumber said...

Yeah, i didn't quite understand the point of the game, but those ladies look like they've been raped and have massive tatas. I gues s that makes it appealing enough for those who choose to play it. For me, it would be clicking buttons blindly pretty much.

Bersercules said...

Groping women doesn't need to be translated, it's universal!

Major.Mack said...

nice bersercules :)

Mai Yang said...

re your comment: yes, that's a picachu..and this is what she said in the video "hi tito Chickoy! huh? you're so weird" ^_^

Rawr said...

dirty game xD

Fang said...

You did a pretty cool job with the JavaScript mouseover thingy. But yeah, Blogger's compose editor kind of tends to balls it all up. =/

Shaw said...

Oh japan...

Anonymous said...

I like where this game is going...

Gizmo said...

Usually when I encounter game without english menus I simply skip it

neatfit said...

Haha, oooh ecchi! Limitless possibilities. Almost any game can get turned into ecchi, and I bet it might get a 'few' more copies sold. I'm not exactly sure if the makers of this one were aiming to make this roulette type of game in the first place.

Adam said...

Only Japan could come up with something like this

Anonymous said...

haha thosee girls aree half naked ;p

Mochileiro said...

HEhehehehe nice fap game.

Anonymous said...

A groping game? I love it!

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