Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy: Maximum KP Trick

Please turn on annotations to see a visual guide while watching.

How to get more than 50,000 KP in a single Gateway. ­­

  • Must have defeated Feral Chaos in Southern Lufenian Gateway.
  • Must have gained a total of 1,500 KP to unlock KP Bonus.
  • The Forsaken Lands
  • KP Bonus 
  • KP Bonus 
  • KP Bonus 
  • KP Bonus 
  • KP Bonus 
    • Cornelia Moogle Shop's Limited Item.
      Appears 1-2 day(s) after your Bonus Day.
      Requires a total of 2,100 KP to unlock.
  • Basic Abilities
    • Extra
      • EXP to HP
   Equipment: (Required for Iai Strike)
  • Weapon:
    • None
  • Arm:
    • None
  • Head:
    • None
  • Body:
    • None
   Accessories: (Required for Iai Strike)
  • Basic Accessories
    • Safety Bit
      • Battlegen from Famed Mog Friend Card.
    • Smiting Soul 
      • Battlegen from Farplane Mog Friend Card.
  • Booster Accessories
    • Weaponless
      • Cornelia Moogle Shop's Limited Item.
        Requires a total of 3,700 KP to unlock.
    • Gloveless
      • Cornelia Moogle Shop's Limited Item.
        Requires a total of 2,600 KP to unlock.
    • Hatless
      • Cornelia Moogle Shop's Limited Item.
        Requires a total of 1,000 KP to unlock.
    • Armorless
      • Cornelia Moogle Shop's Limited Item.
        Requires a total of 410 KP to unlock.
    • Nearloss
      • Accomplishment 088: Spend at least 1,000,000 gil at the shop.
    • Pre-Guard
      • Can be bought at the Moogle Shop located north of Cornelia Stone.
    • Level 1-9
      • Accomplishment 001: Clear 012 Prologue - Path to Sanctuary.
    • Level Gap ≧ 80
      • Can be bought at the Moogle Shop located north of Cornelia Stone.
  • Behemoth
  • Ifrit
  • Ifrit (Auto)
  • Magic Pot
   Adjust Level: (Required for Iai Strike)
  • Level 1
  1. Go to The Forsaken Lands Gateway.
  2. Defeat all enemy using Iai Strike to complete the KP Chance of BRV Break.
  3. There's a Silver Moogle statue at the 2nd and 8th floor that double your current KP.
  4. There's a Gold Moogle statue at the 10th that triples current KP.
  5. Use all five KP Bonus to keep doubling your current KP.
  6. ?????????
  7. PROFIT!!!
  • There are two instances that you may have to fight a Lv.80 enemy, change your accessories accordingly:
    • Level Gap ≧ 80
      • Level Gap ≧ 70
    • Safety Bit
      • HP=100%
      • Pre-Assist
      • Pre-EX Mode
      • Pre-EX Revenge
      • Basically any Booster Accessory with a 1.5x that's easy to pull

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SicaPrishe said...

Dude where is the Level Gap ≧ 80 located?

Anonymous said...

"Dude where is the Level Gap ≧ 80 located?"

North of the Cornelia stone. NOT the Moogle right outside of it, but as far directly north you can in past the gate.

Anonymous said...

hey i cant battlegen the smiting soul so im searching for the tome of the orator to craft in in the shop but i cant find it pls tell me where is the tome of the oratot

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice video. (:

shanepain0 said...

how did u record your screen?

SiegBlaze said...

For those who are having(like don't have some enough total kp)some trouble,I prefer to search some kp from some chests,than go to gateway to departure,(Of course by turning into lv 1,all party must be lvl 1 or else it fails.)Than get at least 50 kp(you get 49 at the start)than use all kp bonus,as if you used it much,you will get 1600 kp.After that you will have 1600 kp.(note,you must have at least 700 kp so that it sums to 2100 to get KP bonus.)And,after this go crazy with the KP bonus.(Don't ask about the chests!)

Anonymous said...

wow.. nice tips..

Anonymous said...

Lovely tips!
Just one question: Where can I find a Level 1-9 accessory? Other than completing the prologue. I sold one already months ago and now I regret it. :x (Bad me.)

Lord Phrozen said...

If you sold it, you'll never get it back.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nice video

Anonymous said...

hey i cant activate the Iai strike. i have everything for it but it activates at random

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