Monday, April 4, 2011

Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy: Maximum Level Up Trick

How to level up a character from Lv.1 to Lv.100 in a single battle.
  • Bonus Day on Calendar
  • Bought EXP Icon Boost Lv1 to Lv10 from the PP Catalog
  • Lucky! Next Battle: EXP x5
  • Play Plan "Grind-lover" (Easier to get the above multiplier)
  • Magic Pot (Manual)
    • Can be bought from the Moogle Shop in Laguna's Story.
  • 1x Chocobo Down
    • Can be obtained through "Treasure Hunter" Play Plan.
  • 1x Chocobo Wing 
    • Can be obtained through "Treasure Hunter" Play Plan.
  • 1x Chocobo Feather 
    • Can be obtained through "Treasure Hunter" Play Plan.
  • 2x Growth Egg
    • Buy "Pebble" from Cornelia Mog Shop, equip until it breaks into "Growth Seed" then trade it in the Shop.
   Enemy Settings:
  • Character: 
    • Any Character (Preferably Gabranth)  
  • Stage: 
    • Edge of Madness (Omega) 
  • CPU Strength: 
    • Maximum  
  • Level: 
    • 100 (M)  
  • Behavior:
    •  Vicious
  1. Wait for the enemy to attack.
  2. Press + to evade.
  3. Summon Magic Pot and receive 9999 BRV.
  4. Successfully land an HP attack.
  5. ?????????
  6. PROFIT!!!
  • The EX Burst is optional, the enemy is pretty much dead without it. I just put it there to make the video look flashy and cool.
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Anonymous said...

Any tricks on getting Chocobo Feathers easier? I have 4 and they won't last for all of the characters :P

Lord Phrozen said...

Change your play plan to "Treasure Hunter". Your chocobo should change into Chubby Chocobo, he can't fly so you won't receive EXP boosters but you receive chocobo items every once in a while.

You could also try doing this method without chocobo feathers. You will not reach level 100 in one fight but at least you don't need to grind for chocobo feathers. It might take 4 to 8 battles depending on Grind Lover's EXP booster, to reach max level with this method.

Anonymous said...

Cool trick I didn't know that Pebble would change to Growth Seed

So about how many battles does the pebble change?

Lord Phrozen said...

When a Pebble breaks after a battle, it transforms randomly into another Pebble or a Growth Seed. How many battles you need depends on your luck, but the more Pebbles you have equipped, the faster the process will be.

will said...

i call shenanigans

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