Sunday, May 20, 2012

Phantasy Star Online 2: Rockbears

I don't know what took me so long to post videos of this game, but here they are. This is the first boss that you'll encounter in the game, the Rockbear. If you think sticks and stones may break your bones, just imagine what those rock knuckles could do to you!  

Mouse over the image to reveal the weak point.

What I like about this boss is the fact that it'll call up more Rockbears if there are more players in your party. You see, boss battles usually involve a single strong enemy which you can gang up on by inviting more people to hunt it down, but this guy doesn't like to mess around. Bring more than 2 people in your party and 3 Rockbears will spawn just to fuck you up real good. AI-controlled NPCs doesn't count since they die a lot more than being helpful during boss battles. The horn on their head is their weak point, which means that any attacks done to that area will deal MASSIVE DAMAGE!

Rangers during the beta test are damn strong because of their skill, Weak Bullet. It causes any part it hits to become an instant weak point. Can't hit the horn because it's too small? Shoot the Rockbear's gigantic arm with a Weak Bullet and unleash a barrage of attacks, all your attacks will become super effective. If you hit a weak point (like the horn) with a Weak Bullet, then that area becomes a super weak point which allows you to unleash MORE MASSIVE DAMAGE!

Here's another Rockbear encounter from a player named "Momoyo" playing as a Hunter with the Wired Lance weapon equipped. Wired Lance is a new type of weapon for this game. This weapon reminds me of the Slash Harken from Code Geass except they are actual weapons instead of mechanical grappling hooks. They look kinda neat, don't they?

Some copyright information regarding the game:
「画像は『PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2』クローズドβテストにおいて撮影された実機画像です。開発中のため、正式版とは異なる内容であり、今後改良される可能性があります。」

Now in English:
These images were taken from "PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2" during its Closed Beta Trial. Because the game is still under development during this time, future improvements may be implemented and the content may differ from the official release.

"PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2" official website:
Before you ask, I'm required to put those copyright information since both the screenshots and the videos posted here were all taken from an early version of the game. The full game is supposed to be release early this summer. Maybe around June or July if there are no delays with the schedule.


Fang said...

I know it's still in beta right now, but what are the odds of there being an English translation for this?

Anne said...

I like these Reackbear baddies. While the Wired Lance looks like a cool weapon I don't think it's the way to go with these guys because you have to get in close for a head shot. The counter intuitive way of beating these guys is interesting. Don't bring in too many companions and use weak bullets to win.

Lord Phrozen said...

There's no announcement yet for a USA/EUR release but there was an unofficial English patch during the JPN Beta which translated all the menus and some mission data. I just hope the same patch could be applied to the full game once it is out.

Shaw said...

Bears are terrifying enough killing machines
why make them out of rock? and opposable thumbs? WTH!?!

Fang said...

K, thanks Phrozen.
In return, the secret to my ultra-extreme math skills is...

...wait for it...

The math I get is easy. Statistics and probability, that's all there's to it sadly. Nothing fancy. ):

The Angry Lurker said...

They are so different to western games in general but it doesn't look too bad!

Anonymous said...

*cough* LOST PLANET *cough*

Aside from that, it does look rather cool.

DWei said...

I expect big changes from the beta. Nothing is ever like the beta. :P

natchu96 said...

*reads about Rockbear's weakness*


Lord Phrozen said...

Damn! I should have played as a Force and use lightning techs on that horn. Even though he's a ROCK monster, I'm pretty sure that horn would've acted as a lightning rod.

Adam said...

those guys are massive

Kingmush said...

Looks amazing! Caught my attention.

Josh Dennis said...

Those are crazy big.

natchu96 said...


As far as this franchise is concerned, that's slightly bigger than medium in most cases.

Man, I usually use swords, but I guess I'm gonna be a ranger now . . .

AguiLeon said...

oh that's big

Bart said...

what is that? like some sort of radioactive spider?

Bersercules said...

Is your character saying "Suck on this!"?

The end boss looks awesome!!

That Bastard From Bellingham said...


No, I seriously want a pair of brass knuckles shaped like a Rockbear now. :D And it calls for backup should you have too many people in your party? Now THAT sounds like fun!

"It's a dead man's party, I ask and I get more~!" - that one vampire dude from Dragon Heroes. Or was it Dragon's Blood? Either way, it was a badassed vidyuh.

Y'know, I got a friend of mine watchin' out for PSO2 now. :D He's a huge PSU fan, and it's thanks to your blog I was able to throw some screenshots and vids his way. So for what it's worth, thanks Phro!

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