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Fate/EXTRA: The Holy Grail War End

After defeating the final contender of the war it's finally time to claim your prize. But something seems to be amiss and you are left to fight one last contender who have a Servant that far surpasses all the previous ones. Here's a guide for the final stage of this game. ­

The Holy Grail War End

  • School Building 1F: (New Game Plus)
    If you've completed all of Taiga's Request, there will be a small table with a thermos at the place where she used to be. Search the table to read her final message and a warning. The Secret Boss has been summoned to the Arena.
  • Nurse's Office:
    Talk to Sakura Matou to receive Sakura's Supreme Lunch.
  • School Building 1F:
    Talk to Father Kotomine then follow him to the Arena Entrance.

    I'll go.

    I won't go.
  • Infinite Chimeric Lunar Sea — First Floor:
    Since the war is over, there is no longer any time limits to how many times you can enter the Arena, so use this chance to grind before facing the final boss. Here's the complete map for this dungeon. Click to enlarge.

    Secret Boss will only appear during New Game Plus.
  • Rare Monsters:
    There are two Nephilims that will spawn in this dungeon. Since they give off the best EXP in the game, I highly suggest just fighting them and re-entering.
  • Secret Boss: (New Game Plus)
    Head to the exit and you'll meet the Secret Boss of the game, Shiki Ryougi.

    Head back.
    Keep going anyway.
    Victory Condition: Defeat Shiki Ryougi. (65,535HP)
    She will always use Twin Towers as her 1st move during the 1st turn, so GUARD against it to reduce the damage. I highly recommend using Skills in every blank move to minimize the damage you'll take, then use an Elixir to replenish your MP when it's depleted. Unleash your Noble Phantasm as soon as possible then start spamming the strongest Skill in your arsenal. Her Skills can permanently seal your moves for the duration of the battle so GUARD against it as much as possible to minimize the chances.

    Hero Slayer
    Target: Enemy
    Magic damage ignores GUARD and seals enemy ATTACK.
    The effect is permanent and cannot be cured.
    Barrier Break
    Target: Enemy
    Magic damage ignores GUARD and seals enemy GUARD.
    The effect is permanent and cannot be cured.
    Decrease Vigor
    Target: Enemy
    Magic damage ignores GUARD and seals enemy BREAK.
    The effect is permanent and cannot be cured.
    Suspended Esoterica
    Target: Enemy
    Magic damage ignores GUARD and seals enemy Skills.
    The effect is permanent and cannot be cured.
    Twin Towers
    Target: Enemy
    Inflicts physical damage on an enemy.
    She will always use this at the beginning of the battle.
    Boundary of the Void
    Target: Enemy
    Condition: ATTACK, GUARD & BREAK are all sealed.
    Instantly kills an enemy.
    This will result in a Game Over.



    Exit the Arena when you're done.
  • Commissary:
    Buy all the Formal Wear you wish to carry over to your New Game+ and sell any unnecessary items while you're there.
  • School Building 1F:
    Talk to Rin or Rani, depending on your route, to enter the final room.

    Open the last door.

    Prepare a little bit more.
  • Final Room:
    Keep running forward until you reach the Moon Cell itself.

Moon Cell:
  • Moon Cell Automaton — The Holy Grail:
    Conversation with Twice H. Pieceman. Just choose any choices below.

    The dead belong only to the past.

    Only those I care about matter to me.

    I didn't come here to wish for death.

    I know that war isn't the answer.

    ...I can't honestly say he's wrong.

  • Servant Battle:
    Victory Condition: Defeat Savior. (34,760 HP)
    The enemy will use an instant-kill move after 14 turns so don't drag the battle too long or it's Game Over for you. Use your most powerful Skills then use the Elixirs you've been saving up until now to show this boss no mercy.

    Target: Enemy
    Uses thaumaturgy to inflict damage on an enemy.
    Dukkha Samudaya
    Target: Enemy
    Counter attack that inflicts physical damage.
    SKILL, ATTACK and BREAK will be negated.
    This move will fail if you GUARD against it.
    Target: Self
    Absorbs enemy HP when using ATTACK.
    The effect would only last for 3 turns.
    Target: Self
    Absorbs enemy MP when using GUARD.
    The effect would only last for 3 turns.
    Target: Self
    Inflicts Stun on an enemy when using BREAK.
    The effect would only last for 3 turns.
    Transmigration into One
    Target: Enemy
    Condition: Unlocked after 14 turns.
    Instantly kills an enemy.
    This will result in a Game Over.
    Seals opponent's Skills.
    The effect would only last for 2 turns.
    Completely restores Servant.
    This will recover a Servant's HP to maximum.
    He will use it before the end of the 14th turn.




  • Ending:
    After the battle, you will be awarded with the Holy Grail and make a wish.

    Congratulations! Mission accomplished!

Now that you've finished the game, you'll be allowed to save one last time after the credits. This save data will allow you to start again from the beginning with all the Formal Wear and PPT from your previous game but with the exception of special Formal Wears you receive through the course of the story or from your Servant. Use this chance to select another Servant or take an alternate route to the story.


Anonymous said...

Good post this is! ;)

confictushome said...

You tricked us, I thought it was over with the "final selection"

Sub Radar (Mike) said...

It's over! What's next?

Lord Phrozen said...

I thought it was the last one too, but then there's another boss who spawned out of nowhere.

The other routes, plus the other Servants.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what's next.

Anonymous said...

waiting for next :)

Unknown said...

I like anime

Bart said...

drop a nuke on em :)

Indistinctive Writer said...

games that never end! ^_^

DWei said...

Instant-kill moves of any sort are lame. Seriously? Seriously?

Shaw said...

I thought it was over too lol

Anonymous said...

keep it up!

ADB said...

Cool stuff

Anonymous said...

Nephilims do respawn in the areana, it just takes a little longer for them to.
Just a Tip.
Excellent Guide Lord Phrozen

Anonymous said...

i very much enjoyed using this guide
One detail that could be added to the Holy Grail War End is that after speaking to Kotomine you can go to Sakura to recieve Sakura's Supreme Lunch, and see a bit of her thoughts as to her purpose.

Lord Phrozen said...

@Anonymous 1
About the spawn rate of the Rare Monsters - Fixed. Thanks.

@Anonymous 2
I knew that a long time ago but for some reason I forgot to write it down. Thanks for pointing that out.

Valin00 said...

Nice guide, I found the final alot easier then Gawain, using Archer and his Noble Phantasm. When are you going to make a Character guide for Archer?

Howee said...

If you don't finish all of Taiga's request, will the secret boss be unavailable?

Anonymous said...

at what level did you beat Shiki?..

Anonymous said...

wait so your formal wear + ppt carries over but not items?

Anonymous said...

holy crap im at lev 42 with saber and i only used pure ether twice and got him down to 4-7k if i had spammed thunderous applause this guy wud be dead (final boss) in 2-4 turns!

Anonymous said...

I had the most trouble with the berserker, which made Gawin look pretty easy...

The last boss was a push over if you have saber and kicked Gawin's butt

Anonymous said...

Caster's skills often don't inflict stun on shiki, and that just made the boss pretty much impossible for I just gave up, since I already have a demonic atlas from previous playthrough anyway

Count_Montivan said...

Oh great, so you can only fight Shiki on New Game+? Lovely.

Not sure it's worth it, but then again it IS getting to fight Ryougi "Motherfucking" Shiki, so...

Anonymous said...

When I reached the grail, I made a real Wish.
For Fate/Extra CCC to be localized.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for all this amazing help with this game, without this I'd never make it! :D

Anonymous said...

wait, so IRL, Rin Tousaka doesn't have black hair? freaky.

Unknown said...

Lord Phrozen let me thank you for this awesome guide!!, i hope you make a new one when the english version of fate extra ccc is released

Anonymous said...

Fighting against Shiki with level 45 servants is just overkill. Actually you have outleveled your servants for all of the boss fights by bare minimum of 5 levels.

TatsumaruOZ said...

thanks for the help and for this awesome guide

Anonymous said...

Excellent Playthrough, it helps me a lot BUT ... One thing bothers me, especially with the last boss fight (SPOIL ! Berserker ...)

You give "tips" to fight the boss "easily" but you should tell us that you got more levels than the goal we can see in game .. Like, for example, against Berserker, you are lvl 40 (Grind grind ..) yet, i managed to kill him when i was lvl 34, with difficulty of course.

I know grinding is part of the RPG but sometimes, your "tips" are not really effective since they are for Masters who pass many times in grind.

Anyway, Excellent guide.

Anonymous said...

Is it still possible to finish the achievements (like the perfect battles achievement) in this final part?

Anonymous said...

lol to beat this boss is PURE luck! Seal Skill early and Caster is done for

Unknown said...

honestly if it was me i would side with Twice

Anonymous said...

"lol to beat this boss is PURE luck! Seal Skill early and Caster is done for"

You can always cleanse yourself using an item or clothing to get rid of the status effect. For me, I used Sakura's Lunch to get rid of it then spam my skills

Sandubadear said...

Saver is easy as hell, I'm with a level 40 Archer and I just used normal attacks so I could see his NP and I had to be careful so he wouldn't die.

Still haven't fought Shiki, will start playing again with Caster.

Lendaryo said...

Thanks for help!

Anonymous said...

Now that Extella's here, I can finally play it. Thank you so much for this guide!

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