Thursday, November 3, 2011

Guilty Crown: Survival of the Fittest (Ep.2)

While trying to protect Inori from the enemy's attack, Shu accidentally releases the "Void Genome" from the container and was granted the King's Power. He can now manifest people's hearts and turn them into weapons through the use of void technology. The power said to be capable of invading the realm of the gods. ­

I'm not sure what she's doing but I'm liking it.
The episode begins with Shu fighting off enemy robots with Inori's void, a giant sword capable of materializing force fields while Ayase fights with her Endlave. Tsugumi seems to be doing something important inside a cyber room while playing some puzzle ball game but I don't quite get and and I got easily distracted when they showed me her ass. 

Endlaves seems kinda different than your average mecha because instead of piloting the machine from inside its cockpit, they pilot it from headquarters through the use of a device that somewhat reminds me of Encephalon Dive from Xenosaga. The pilot dives their consciousness into the machine, giving them full control of it but they also get some feedback when the machine gets damaged. Which means that the pilot could die if the machine breaks while their consciousness are still inside.

Endlaves seems to be controlled through Encephalon Dives.
In didn't take long till an enemy ace pilot appears to mess things up and Ayase was defeated. Luckily the pilot was unharmed because Tsugumi was able to eject her consciousness in time. It didn't take long after this that Undertaker managed to escape the GHQ.

Hottest anime girl in a wheel chair.
Unable to catch the Undertaker, GHQ captured the civilians instead and made them hostages to force Undertaker into showing up. Gai made a plan to save the hostages, destroy the Anti-Bodies and announce their existence to the world but he will need Shu's cooperation to be able to succeed.

Uh, oh! They must rescue the hostages!
Shu and the rest watches as some of the hostages are gunned down before they could get into their respective positions. This plan revolves around Shu's success, so he must succeed no matter what. but the pressure was a bit too much for him so Inori asked him to calm down by putting his hand into her breasts. Wow! I wouldn't be able to calm down like that if you know what I mean.

Shu and Inori, awaiting orders to mobilize.
The mission starts and Gai acts as a decoy to get the attention of the enemy while Shu silently crawls in the background to get the Kaleidoscope void from one of the enemy units. Bringing victory to their side and rescuing the rest of the hostages. The end.

You can do it!
This show definitely have the potential to become the next big thing since Gai's plan was as impossible to pull as Lelouch's (Code Geass) or Light's (Death Note) and I enjoyed it a lot. This episode actually have some great action scenes that I should have captured but I ended up taking pictures of the girls and Tsugumi's butt instead. Girl's in tight suits are just irresistible to me.

Next Episode:
Phase 03: Void Sampling

DAT ASS once again!

I apologize for not being able to post for the past week because I was out of town. I visited the province to pay my respect to my grandparents' grave and while there we also visited our relatives which made the trip a lot longer than it should be.


natchu96 said...

It's kid of late . . .
Where have you been, anyway?

GADAFINY said...

that ass ;)

Fang said...

All I see is girls in tight bodysuits.
I have now established an opinion on this series.

Anonymous said...

dem buttocks

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Looks like an exciting series so far... also, daht ahrse

Anonymous said...

Wish she was real.

Gizmo said...

I've seen better anime asses :P

Bersercules said...

third picture is the most important one and tells all why you should watch!

As for the holding boobs bit, its true! Fondling breasts can really calm me down!

That last picture is epic! If you zoom in and crop off the rest it looks like a picture of cleavage! So technically its both tits and ass!

Anonymous said...

similar to evangelion

Watchful Cat said...

I agree, that chick in the wheelchair is hot.

john said...

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Ange Wayne

DWei said...

Sorry, to busy staring at asses to pay attention to surroundings.

Shaw said...

dat ass

convictus said...

Oh anime and their nubile girls in spandex

Natural One said...

Thats nice Anime

lowfrequencies said...

may have to get onto this

Adam said...

I need my sunglasses

Mai Yang said...

dat ass, me gusta.

their suit looks the same from evangelion.


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