Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hatsune Miku: Sekiranun Graffiti

Here's the official music video for Supercell's latest album, Sekiranun Graffiti. The song is composed by Ryo and performed by the famous artificial singing sensation, Hatsune Miku. Don't forget to turn captions ON so you could read the english translations while playing. ­

Sekiranun Graffiti
By: Ryo (Supercell) feat. Hatsune Miku

niwakaame ga toorisugiteku
zubunure no bokura wa tachitsukushite
natsu no nioi ga sukoshi shita
nee kono mama tabi ni dekakeyou yo
dokoka tooku

dore kurai toki ga sugitatte
kono omoi wo mune ni shimatte
bokura wa ikiteyukunda
ai to music sore dake de iin da
hoshii mono wa subete aru kara
boku no naka ni

umi ga chikazuku
kono mama oyogeru kamo ne

mado wa zenbu akechatte sa
kaze ni notte ki no muku mama ikou
choushihazure no hanauta mo
kudaranai sono joudan mo sou ne

kono sekai wa itsuka kawatte mo
yoru wo koete koko ni modotte
bokura wa tashikamerunda
odoketa you ni kimi ga waratte
sukoshi kidotte boku ga kaeshita
sugiyuku hi wo

tokei no hari wa mawaritsuzukeru
kimi wa nani wo shinjiteiku no
sore wa ne

dore kurai toki ga sugitatte
kono omoi wo mune ni shimatte
bokura wa ikiteyukunda
ai to music sore dake de iin da
daiji na mono wa subete aru no sa
saisho kara
kimi no naka ni

Thundercloud Graffiti
Translated By: Lord Phrozen

Passing through a shower of rain
We remain standing even when wet
I can smell summer just a bit
so why don't we go on a journey
To any distance

No matter how much time passes
These feelings will remain in my heart
As long as I'm alive

Love and music are all I need
Everything that I want is right here
It's here inside of me

The sea is just nearby
It makes me want to swim

When the windows open
I'll ride the wind just like that
Humming out of tune
or saying lame jokes
Aren't that bad

If this world changes someday
We've got to make sure that
Everything returns by night
You were laughing like silly
Bringing back the days gone by
Was just too much

Time continues to move forward
What should you believe in?
That is...

No matter how much time passes
These feelings will remain in my heart
As long as I'm alive
Love and music are all I need
Everything I treasure is right here
from the very beginning
It's there inside of you


Click image to order from Play-Asia
Even though the front cover only credits Ryo, this album is actually a collaboration with Dixie Flatline who composed track 2 of the album. The disc has 5 tracks in total:
  1. Sekiranun Graffiti
  2. Fallin' Fallin' Fallin'
  3. Sekiranun Graffiti (Remixed By Baker)
  4. Sekiranun Graffiti (Instrumental)
  5. Fallin' Fallin' Fallin' (Instrumental)
The title song of the album "Sekiranun Graffiti" is going to be the opening song for the upcoming PlayStation Portable title named "Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Extend" by SEGA. Knowing the company making them, the game will not disappoint.

If you've seen my previous article about Guilty Crown then you'll be familiar with the band Supercell because they're the one who composed the songs for that show. Although I call them a band, Ryo is the only one who actually composes lyrics and music, the rest are a bunch of artist who makes promotional materials and artworks for the album. As you can see, they are a band with no lead vocalist hence why they use a speech synthesizer program known as VOCALOID2 to sing their songs, namely Hatsune Miku.

Some parts of the translation might be off because I can't quite understand them and I may have added some words to lines as well to make it sound better. Don't blame me, blame yourself or God!


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Fang said...

Awesome PV, really! Still haven't got around to downloading any Vocaloid albums, though. :|

To Tipota said...

great stuff, tried singing in original language and i almost broke my tongue. keep it up

Mai Yang said...

re your comment: that's webcam from my friend's laptop =))

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff! (:

Hasidic Plumber said...

Not really my thing, but i'm pretty sure a lot of people loves this.

Crisalys said...

Nice, I like Ryo but I haven't kept up with his recent work.

The animation of the PV are always awesome!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. (:

Anonymous said...

like it!

neatfit said...

There are so many songs using Miku, I think I will dare to say she's.. Overused. I've heard about concerts of the program too?..

Mochileiro said...

ounnnn :3

DWei said...

It's crazy how popular she's become in recent years, seeing her everywhere now.

And getting my girlfriend anything that could be thought of embarrassing will be the cause of my untimely demise. :P

Jason said...

Keep up the great work with your blog! You're very good at it!

Indistinctive Writer said...

how did you translate this? do you speak japanese? ^_^

Natural One said...

It sounds cool

Gizmo said...

Are lyrics of Sekiranun Graffiti written in actual language? They seem to me like random letters

Shaw said...

Don't really like Hatsune Miku

Watchful Cat said...

nice song, I'm more of a Megurine Luka guy though (:

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